The International Women's Forum Connecticut (IWFCT) brings together accomplished and professional women leaders of significant and diverse acheivement.  The organization promotes leadership and advocacy in a trusting and respectful community that is committed to the advancement and support of each member.

Community Connections

As part of their meeting planning and community commitment, IWFCT invites outside speakers from the community to offer programs for broadening their civic awareness. In addition, IWFCT and its members have donated funds for scholarship assistance to female students at Housatonic Community College, to support housing for female veterans, and .to support a housing assistance to women in Hartford.  The IWFCT has also partnered with the Girl Scouts of Connecticut to provide leadership workshops and technical support for Girl Scouts in middle and high school. 

Who Belongs to IWFCT?

Members of the International Women's Forum Connecticut are women leaders in many fields, including finance, education, healthcare, consulting, retail, non-profits and the arts. The membership’s rich diversity of backgrounds and experiences provides a unique camaraderie and opportunity for discussion and exchange.