Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join the IWFCT?
In order to join the IWFCT, an individual must demonstrate that she has achieved a senior leadership position in her organization and that she has the potential to grow in influence in that organization. A potential member must demonstrate an interest in community involvement and in participating in networking with and mentoring to women of equal stature and potential.

Do I need to know someone in order to join the IWFCT?
When you first begin to learn about IWFCT, it is critical that you have an individual who will sponsor you for membership. This individual needs to be someone who knows you either personally or professionally and who can endorse your qualifications for membership. Your sponsor will bring you to IWFCT meetings and help you to meet other women in the group who can support your membership.

How many women belong to IWFCT?
Over sixty-five members currently belong to IWFCT.

What is the time commitment if I join IWFCT?
Obviously, we want every member to be an active member. Active membership means that you attend as many meetings each year as possible and, hopefully, that you join a committee and begin to participate more actively in the organization.

Will membership in IWFCT interfere with my normal work schedule?
No, most, if not all of our meetings take place in the evenings. At our meetings, we typically have a networking time,followed by dinner and a program. We try to finish our meetings by 9:00 PM so the evening doesn’t conclude too late.

Are the meetings held in a restaurant or public space or are they held in a member’s home?
Actually, it is a combination. We meet in public spaces like restaurants and also in member’s homes when that is more convenient. We try to select locations throughout Connecticut to make the travel time equalized for the members.

What are the membership dues for IWFCT?
Upon joining, there is a one-time initiation fee of $100.  Annual dues are $350.00.   In addition, there is an expense to attending most meetings to cover the cost of food and refreshments. That cost ranges from $70-85/meeting.

How many members of IWFCT attend activities either with the Women’s Forum of New York or with the International Women’s Forum?
A significant number of members (between 10-15) attend at least one activity offered by the Women’s Forum of New York each year. Approximately eight to ten members of IWFCT attend the IWF meetings each year and we strongly encourage additional members to attend each year. These meetings are extremely worthwhile, and provide an invaluable opportunity to meet the worldwide membership of the IWF..

Updated November 2016