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The International Women's Forum Connecticut is an affiliate of the International Women’s Forum ( As such, all IWFCT members are also invited to participate in the IWF’s annual World Leadership Conferences held in the fall and Cornerstone Conferences held in the spring.

The World Leadership Conferences are global conferences that feature the opinion-leaders and decision-makers of our time. Cutting-edge programs provide a behind-the-scenes look at the creative processes and genius which play a paramount role in shaping our world.

Cornerstone Conferences capture the essence of the IWF Global Conferences on a local scale. Starting in 2001, the IWF has collaborated with affiliate forums to present programs with unique, inside perspective on issues affecting women leaders in the host region. This new paradigm provides smaller and more intimate gathering points for IWF's diverse population, expanding opportunities for dialogue, enjoyment, accessibility and connectivity among members.

Recent and Upcoming Conferences are listed below. For additional information about these conferences, please visit

Location:  Boston, MA, USA
Event:  IWF World Leadership Conference
Date:  October 28-30, 2015

Location:  Tel Aviv, Israel
Event: IWF World Cornerstone Conference
Date:  May 17-19, 2016

Location:  Chicago, IL, USA
Event: IWF World Leadership Conference
Date:  September 28-30, 2016

Location:  Stockholm, Sweden
Event:  IWF World Cornerstone Conference
Date:  May 2017

Location:  Houston, TX, USA
Event:  IWF World Leadership Conference
Date: October 25-27, 2017

Updated November 2016