Membership Process

The International Women's Forum Connecticut is an invitation-only professional women's organization. An affiliate of the International Women's Forum, its membership is comprised of high-performing women in their respective fields, including education, finance, communications, consulting, corporate and entrepreneurial leadership, healthcare, non-profit and the arts. Membership is offered through a sponsorship process, and includes a written application, sponsorship by a current member, and a personal interview.

Criteria for Membership

  • A candidate for membership in the International Women's Forum Connecticut must have established a prominent leadership reputation in her field, or be clearly identified by others as being on track to achieve such a role in her area of expertise within the next 3-5 years.
  • A candidate for membership must be perceived as a strong and exemplary leader not only in what she has achieved in her professional sphere, but also as someone who has had a positive impact on her community and who has worked to advance the professionalism of other women and professionals.
  • Her qualifications should reflect both a depth of excellence in her own field and a breadth of accomplishment in the larger arena of professional or public service. Through her influence and prestige, she should be someone who makes a difference outside her own milieu. For example, an academic, a doctor, attorney, artist, scientist, producer, etc. should have earned national or international recognition. An entrepreneur will have been the owner of a successful business for at least five years.
  • We draw members from all professional disciplines and embrace diversity of thought and background, seeking candidates who represent a broad spectrum of personal and career interests, as well as ethnicity.
  • She should be committed to the purposes of the Forum, interested in participating actively and supporting the Forum community.

Individuals who meet the above criteria may be recommended to a member of the Board of Directors or to a member of the Membership Committee by a current member in good standing.

Sponsorship is a two step process – you must first obtain approval from the Membership Committee to have the potential member submit a formal application and then the formal application must be reviewed and approved by both the Membership Committee and the Board of Directors. In addition, the sponsored applicant must agree to be interviewed by two individuals from the Membership Committee or Board. For more information about the membership process, please contact Kate Larson, Executive Administrator, at

Updated September 2014